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  1. 4 Soap Brow Looks to Try

    Soap brows are a TikTok and celebrity beauty trend that is here to stay! For those unfamiliar, the soap brow is a grooming technique that is achieved using ⎯ yes ⎯ soap to shape the eyebrows and hold them in place. Brow soaping gives them a feathery, thicker appearance. While any soap containing glycerin can be used for your soap brow look, soap’s alkaline pH can irritate your skin barrier. That’s where soap brow products come in. A Soap Brow product provides all the same styling benefits as a soap but is gentler on the skin. Now that you know what products you’ll need to create your eyebrow look, you might be wondering how to do the soap brows trend at home. It couldn’t be faster or simpler. Best of all, soap brows last all day. Read on to learn about four of our favorite soap brow styles and how to achieve them using our fabulous, fool-proof Soap Brow product!
  2. Colored Lashes Are In: Here’s How to Rock Them

    Even if you blink, you won’t be able to miss colored lashes! And you wouldn’t want to. While traditional black false lashes like Lushy Lashes are timeless and sophisticated – colorful lashes are having a moment, and that moment screams fun! Fake eyelashes come in many different shapes and colors and are an easy (and temporary) way to turn up the intensity and originality of your look. Eyelashes that are colorful maintain their bold shade as opposed to colored mascara that quickly fades. If you want to exude vibrance or stand out from the crowd, colored lashes are the answer. Read on to learn more about colored eyelashes and see our favorite Paintlab picks that make it easy for anyone to rock this colorful trend.