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The Best False Eyelashes for Every Mood

The Best False Eyelashes for Every Mood

If you’re like us, you choose your eyeshadow palettes based on your mood. Well, the best false eyelashes can help upgrade your visual self-expression and enhance your innermost emotions, too! It’s a common misconception that fake eyelashes are only for special occasions, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. They’re everyday accessories to match every mood and look, and PaintLab is here to help you find the best fake eyelashes for beginners and experts alike.



Love our Red Hearts press-on nails? There’s a matching set of the best fake eyelashes for a dreamy date night duo. Red, curled eyelashes, and heart shapes all symbolize romance on their own. However, you can take the love to the next level when you combine them all with our Red Hearts lashes. These mid-length accessories are the ultimate date night essential, featuring tiny red hearts to top each flirty lash. You won’t just be wearing your heart on your sleeve but also your eyes, and Red Hearts are the best false lashes for those in a romantic mood. hearts!


Our MJ lashes are a total vibe for being both striking and subdued. It’s not just the long and voluminous hairs that hug your natural lashes and add oomph to an eye shape, but the embedded sparkling green leaves for a lingering impression, especially in your boldest and pivotal moments. People may strain (pun intended) their eyes to see them at first, but they provide equal amounts of shock value and glamour from near and far. You’ll look as fearless as you feel with the best false eyelashes for a bold mood.


Cool and Casual

Lushy is the best fake eyelashes set you can get when you’re feeling casual. We’re talking about chill hangouts with friends, family reunions, Zoom calls for work, or more of life’s most laidback moments. How so? This medium-wispy set helps flawlessly frame your eyes, adding depth, intensity, and volume all while still looking natural. The falsies are dainty enough to pass for your real lashes while still drawing compliments from your friends and family about how incredible you look.



We have three lashes named after our favorite TV mavens from Sex and the CityCarrie, Charlotte, and Miranda. While each provides tempting vibes in its own way, the last set may just be our top pick for when you’re feeling flirty. The set is fierce and flawless, ­– just like Miranda herself – with long and luxurious strands to upgrade your eye makeup looks. Consider it a must-have for a girl’s night out at the bar with your best friends, in actual Sex and the City fashion. Or, you know, just whenever you need a reminder that you’re a confident and gorgeous individual who can always go the distance. You can also switch things up with our Flirty lash set.



Are you somebody that’s always ready to celebrate? Sprinkle Sparkle lashes match your vibe. The set adds a dash of dazzle to your lengthy and voluminous look, intertwining lashes with specks of beautiful built-in sparkles. And let’s be honest – what else could you want when you, admittedly, enjoy being in the spotlight?


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