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Hey there, thanks for stopping by! PaintLab began with the belief that beauty should be accessible to anyone, everywhere. We don’t think it’s such a crazy concept that quality beauty solutions can be achieved right in your own home, without the astronomical cost. 

Founded in Hollywood, California , PaintLab started by developing innovative press on nails that replicate the gel manicures of a professional salon, all while celebrating the unique style within us all. We offer both trendy and classic designs that are incredibly wearable and super inclusive.

We are continuing to grow and have moved on to other products like brow soap, eye stickers and other makeup staples that we know will carry on our mission of fun and attainable beauty. We hope that you will grow with us.

PaintLab also understands our part in sustainable consumerism and the obligation we have in reducing our climate footprint while protecting vulnerable communities. That’s why we have committed to making our press on nails reusable, recyclable and made from eco-friendly material.

Feeling confident and beautiful shouldn’t be exclusive to a small few, so PaintLab strives to deliver beauty products that fit into your life and make you look gorgeous - inside and out.

We are so happy you are here!