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Frenchie Kiss

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Say "bonjour" to a fresh nail set! Take these lovely French Tips to Paris (or just your local cafe) and add some romance into your life. These perfectly shaped almond press-ons feature delicate pink and red hearts for a hand painted acrylic look. You will be falling in love (at least with your nails!) every day with these on. Bisous mon chéri!

Nail Features

Salon-quality press-on nails you can apply at home, with no mess, wait time or smudging
Made with non-toxic, high-quality materials that are comfortable and fully customizable

Kit Includes

24 x gel press-on nails
1 x dual-sided nail file + buffer
1 x wooden cuticle stick
1 x non-toxic nail glue
Begin with clean, freshly-filed fingernails
Apply a small amount of nail glue to one finger
Apply press-on nail and hold for 5 seconds
Repeat on the rest of the fingers

How to remove?
1. Immerse hand in warm water & soap then use a wooden stick to peel them off from the side.
2. Clean off any remaining nail glue or adhesive. Poof! You are done.

For more detailed steps on applying press on nails view our guide: How to Apply Press On Nails