4 Trending French Manicure Designs

The French manicure has been a cultural fashion statement for decades. But like most traditions, it’s been revamped over the years to keep up with the times and trends. As we get deeper into 2022, you’re sure to fall in love with the many French manicure designs that are taking over your Instagram feed and friend circle. We’re all about the black tips that take you from classic French girl to Fashion Week chic, while bright colors are already putting us in the mood for spring 2022. These are just the beginning of the French manicure ideas and styles that are quite literally at your fingertips, and there’s never been a better time to experiment. Here are four trending French manicure designs that you need to try.


  1. Pastel Perfection

Pastels for spring is one of the most timeless beauty trends in existence, and you can celebrate the blooming of flowers with the most beautiful French manicure colors. Our Luna press-on set features a rainbow of radiant hues, with bursts of blue, orange, pink, and yellow in an almond shape to create a colorful modern French manicure. Life isn’t always black and white, and your nails don’t need to be either. This is why PaintLab created Luna to put a luxurious and colorful spin on a classic nail style.


  1. Euphoria-Inspired Nails

The French manicure designs on Euphoria gain almost as much attention as the drama, and you can channel your favorite TV characters with sensational nail styles. One that comes top of mind? The holographic green French manicure design that was worn by Kat Hernandez. Barbie Ferreira’s character loves to play with color and opted for illuminating hues that matched her eyeshadow. PaintLab offers a much simpler version of Kat’s vivid look with the Green Apple press-on set, which channels your favorite fruit for a look that will have others green with envy. If you’re looking for a bit of the sparkle that Barbie does best, you can add glitter or sparkling stickers to your set to upgrade the “it factor” without sacrificing the easy application and convenience of press-on nails.


  1. Classic Shades, Cuter Shapes

There are no rules when deciding on your signature nail style, and this has led to all types of trending French manicure designs over the years. While we all love to play with color, we can’t forget the cute shapes that are stealing our hearts.  For instance, the heart-shaped red tips on our Queen of Hearts set that make the best accessory for not just Valentine’s Day, but the entire year. These sweet designs add a unique twist to the traditional French manicure ideas, and you can also shop for star, square, or jagged shapes to match your mood.


  1. Black-Tipped French Manicure

While black nails were once associated with gothic looks, they’re now the ultimate symbol of glam. This darker take on the classic French manicure gained significant attention at the Laquan Smithshow at New York Fashion Week last fall, only amplified by the sharp stiletto shape that was very appropriate for the setting. Many celebrities and influencers have worn the style since – in almond, wavy, and swirl-like shapes that add character to one of the most sleek and chic French manicure designs. The reason that you have so much black in your closet? It goes with everything, and the same is said for nails. Some people add a white hue to their black tips for a tuxedo effect, while others incorporate hints of pink, yellow, or gold to make it their own. Will you go solid black or add a bit of color? We can’t wait to see.


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