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4 Bold Eyeliner Looks Anyone Can Do

4 Bold Eyeliner Looks Anyone Can Do

Eyeliner is a holy grail makeup product and a staple in beauty routines because it serves many different purposes. It can pull your entire look together, make your eyes pop, or be a dramatic showstopper. Despite its longstanding popularity, the last few years eyeliner looks have really leveled up – meaning it’s no surprise that bold eyeliner is the biggest beauty look as of late! From 2022 Fashion Week to Euphoria, all eyes are on the bold eyeliner styles as much as they are on the clothes. We love a bold eyeliner look, but our makeup skills aren’t always up to par for the precision they require. Don’t worry, we have a solution for that – eye stickers. We’ve rounded up four bold eyeliner styles and eye stickers to help you achieve them whether you’re a liner pro or novice.

 Multi-Color Eyeliner

This spring is all about stacking different colors of eyeliner on top of each other to create a multi-color look. Our Eyelinz eye stickers are perfect for this trend. A pack comes with blue, red, yellow, and pink stickers that are thin and easy to layer – creating a bold yet delicate look. We love using eye stickers for this bold eyeliner style because there’s no chance of shaky hands smudging different colors together. All you have to do is peel, apply, and stack. Try this look and you’ll be as illuminating as the brightest rainbow.

 Keen on Green

Get ready to retire the phrase “green with envy” because this bold eyeliner look works on everyone! Bright green eyeliner adds an unexpected pop to your makeup, especially if you keep the rest of your look clean and simple. Lately green eyeliner has been showing up everywhere from fashion shows to celebrity red carpets but it’s also a showstopper on a dinner date or at a bachelorette party. To easily get a bold green eyeliner look yourself, try our So Green eye stickers. We love the neon shade of green in this set and the easy application keeps us coming back for more.

 Graphic Wings

Slay your look with graphic wing eyeliner! We love this bold eyeliner style because it’s simple, sophisticated, and sassy. Try the Wildcat eye stickers to bring this look to life. The top of the sticker is rounded before transitioning into a modified winged cat eye. The set comes with one pair of pink and one pair of blue iridescent stickers that you can wear separately or mix and match for a bolder, eye-catching look.

 Two-Tone Liner

It isn’t always easy to be decisive, especially when it comes to makeup looks and colors. Enter the two-tone eyeliner look and your color conundrum is gone. Two-tone eyeliner is a bold look featuring, yep, two different colors— one on your lid and the second on your lash line. Our Pussycat eye stickers are the purr-fect pairing for this look. The pack includes a pair of green, yellow, white, and hot pick cat eye stickers you can mix and match. Choose one color for your lids and another for your lash line or choose a different color for every single placement if you’re feeling extra bold. No matter where you’re going, you’ll feel twice as confident leaving the house with this look.



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