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5 Events Perfect for Enhancing Your Eye Look

5 Events Perfect for Enhancing Your Eye Look

Luscious lashes are a key component to feeling your makeup look and yourself. Sometimes mascara just doesn’t do the trick and dare we say it- it can be a bit boring. PaintLab has come up with a way to level-up your lashes and the glam factor with eye lash kits. The eye lash kits not only ensure that you have plump, bold, voluminous lashes, but they also shed time off your makeup routine since each lash is a single strip and easy to apply. PaintLab’s eye lash stickers come in a variety of designs to add a little flare to your face. Some of the designs are simple and sophisticated while others are bigger and bolder.


There’s a set of lashes to suit every occasion.  We’ve rounded up some of PaintLab’s most fun eye lash kits and paired them with the perfect event to wear them for.


Date Night- Red Hearts Lashes

Love is in the air on date night but why not let it be on your lashes too? The mid-length Red Heart Lashes are embellished with delicate red hearts to add an extra touch of romance to your look. This set of eye lash stickers is subtle and can transition easily from day to night. Whether you want to keep your afternoon date going thru the night, or love these romantic lashes so much you want to keep them on for the next day, you’ll feel the love on your lashes.


Afternoon Tea- Lavender Butterflies

What goes better with cucumber sandwiches and bite-sized pastries than dainty lavender butterflies? PaintLab’s Lavender Butterflies eye lash kit is the perfect accessory for afternoon tea. These lashes are thickening, regal, and ethereal. This set of eye lash stickers is mid-length and wispy making it easy to achieve that effortless boho chic vibe. This look works whether high tea is held in a garden or at a ritzy hotel. Wearing these eye lash stickers to will metamorphosize your afternoon tea into a real treat.


Birthday Celebration- Sprinkle Sparkle Lashes

If you like making an entrance, look no further than PaintLab’s Sprinkle Sparkle Lashes. And what better occasion to have all eyes on you than your birthday celebration? The gold sparkles embedded in these lashes will light up the party and add radiance to your face. Though the Sprinkle Sparkle Lashes will automatically turn you into a bombshell, they’re some of our more understated eye lash stickers. That means you can wear them to someone else’s birthday celebration without having to worry about stealing their thunder.


Wedding or Engagement Party- Pink Floral Lashes

You can be pretty in pink at a wedding or engagement party with the Pink Floral Lashes eye lash kit from PaintLab. This set adds a fresh, vibrant flowery charm to your eyes that is full of hope and optimism- perfect for any celebration for a union of love. The beautiful pink flowers adorning the eyelash stickers also give you that lash volume that you know and love and frame every eye shape. They offer an understated boost to your lashes so you will enhance your look, but you won’t take any eyes away from the bride and groom.


Girl’s Night Out- Galaxy Lashes

On your next girl’s night out , look and feel out of this world with the Galaxy Lashes from PaintLab. This eye lash kit puts the whole universe on your lashes, giving you length and volume with sparkling moons and stars adorning them. Whether you and your girls are going to happy hour, movie night, dinner, the club, or an old-fashioned sleepover, this is the perfect pair of lashes to bring the glam but keep the drama focused on your eyes and not with any of your friends. The stellar eye lash stickers will give you a twinkle that your BFFs will for sure comment on, and you’ll feel like the whole world revolves around you.





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