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5 Press on Nail Kits to Brighten Up Any Event

5 Press on Nail Kits to Brighten Up Any Event

Special occasions call for the perfect hair, makeup, outfit, and nails. For a girl-on-the-go it can be difficult to get to the nail salon, but we still want the perfect nails to match the events we’re attending. PaintLab has answered your nail prayers and created press-on nail sets in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. These DIY nail sets make it fast and simple for you to have nail art when you’re short on time or only want to sport it temporarily. If you like to match your nails to the event or special occasion, we’ve got you covered! We’ve chosen 5 of our press-on nail kits that match special occasions to help you find your perfect nail look and save you even more time.


Date Night- Red Hearts

 Love may be blind but significant others aren’t. Take love from being in the air to on your nails with PaintLab’s Red Heart set. It’s the perfect press-on nail kit for date night! Whether you’re going to a fancy dinner, to see a show, or having a cozy date night at home, this nail set is a sweet way to adorn yourself for your amore. The pale pink base color is romantic, and the miniature red hearts are loveable and luxurious. The design isn’t loud or overbearing, so the Red Hearts set will compliment any ensemble you choose. On your next date night, level up wearing your heart on your sleeve and wear hearts all over your nails. 

Birthday- Smiley

Happy Birthday to you! Birthdays are the best days because we get to celebrate ourselves our someone we love- and it’s impossible not to smile. PaintLab’s Smiley press-on nails are the perfect match for any birthday occasion. The sunshine yellow color is bright and cheery and the pop of the Smiley on one nail on each hand is an extra burst of joy. Plus, the Smiley is a great reminder to have gratitude that we are able to celebrate this special occasion with our nearest and dearest. Did we mention the Smiley also makes a great birthday gift to give to your friends or yourself (treat yourself birthday girl!)? And if you’re someone who’s susceptible to the “birthday blues”, if you’re wearing the Smiley and look down, your nails will keep them at bay. 

Wedding- Champagne Pop

You can almost hear the cork pop when you catch a glimpse of these sparkly silver nails. The Champagne Pop press-on nail set from PaintLab is the perfect nail pairing for a wedding. This set screams elegant party with its increased length that highlights the nails’ sleek silver sparkle. They are festive and eye-catching without being distracting so they’re a perfect choice if you’re a guest, a bridesmaid (it will match any color or style dress), or even the bride. It’s impossible not to say “I do” to the gorgeous Champagne Pop nail set for your next wedding.  

Anniversary- Pink Tips

Anniversary celebrations are traditionally thought of in relation to romantic relationships, but they don’t have to be. You can celebrate a friendship anniversary or an anniversary for starting your dream job or even for receiving a clean bill of health. Whatever the occasion, you’ll want to zhuzh up your nails and PaintLab’s Pink Tips is the top choice for any anniversary celebration. Each finger on these medium-length nails has a different hue of pink on the tip that gradually moves from light to dark. If you are celebrating a relationship anniversary, the Pink Tips are the perfect symbol of love, and if you’re celebrating a different anniversary, they bring chic style to your celebration look. This set brings a boost of radiance to your hands but they’re also practical for everyday wear when your celebration is over. 

Bachelorette- Wild Ones

There aren’t many occasions in adulthood where you’re allowed and expected to go a little bit wild, but bachelorette parties are the exception! When you want to match your nails to the vibe of the party, the Wild Ones press-on nail set from PaintLab is the way to go! Each nail features a different design in a different bright color that range from mellow yellow to squiggly pink to cheetah blue! Each finger gets a different color and design, but the set still looks chic and coherent. The Wild Ones is a perfect way to temporarily break out of your beauty box and try something new for the wild weekend of scavenger hunts and drinking games. 

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