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Are Nail Wraps Good for Your Nails?

Are Nail Wraps Good for Your Nails?

There are few things that make us feel more put together than a sleek manicure. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to make it to the salon or to justify the expense for a nail refresh – that’s where nail wraps come in! These stretchy stickers come in solid and elaborate designs that are safe for the nails and are fast and easy to apply. So, what are nail wraps good for? They’re a fast, fashionable, and budget-friendly manicure alternative for the nail-conscious girl-on-the-go. Read on to see why nail wraps are hands down our DIY manicure method of choice.


What Are The Benefits of Nail Wraps?

There are many benefits of nail wraps but two of the biggest are ease and convenience. Nail wraps take just 10-15 minutes to apply and because they don’t create any mess, they can be done almost anywhere. Nail wraps give you access to easy nail art and put you in creative control of your manicure with your imagination being the only limit. You can mix and match wrap sets for different looks while maintaining the same professional look and quality.


Nail wraps are durable and can last up to 14 days (saving you money and a trip to the nail salon). Do nail wraps damage your nails? Nope – they can actually help strengthen weak and brittle nails that were damaged from traditional manicures.


Are Nail Wraps Better Than Nail Polish?

Nail wraps mimic a professional manicure without any of the pitfalls that come with nail polish. If you’re a DIY mani kinda gal, nail wraps don’t create any mess, there’s no dry time, and they can last up to 14 days with no chipping! It’s also easier to create more complicated nail looks at home without worrying about a nail art failure. The main reason nail wraps trump nail polish is there’s no damage done to the nail with wrap removal like there is with gel polish.


Are Nail Wraps Better Than Acrylic Nails?

Nail wraps create the same professional, polished look that acrylic nails are known for, but are a safer, more efficient choice. Not only are the stickers softer and more bendable than acrylic nails, but they’re also healthier for the nail overall – especially during removal. Acrylic nails should only be applied and removed by trained technicians so for an at-home manicure, nail wraps are the better choice.


Trendy Nail Wraps You Need to Try

If you’re ready to try nail wraps, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite, trendiest designs for your fingers.


  1. Pastel Dreams Gelacure

Wanna shine like a rainbow? Jump on the multi-colored nails trend bandwagon with the Pastel Dreams Gelacure nail wrap! This set includes shades of peach, ballerina pink, lavender, mint green, and powder blue – allowing each nail to pop with a different pastel shade without needing to buy ten different bottles of nail polish. This nail wrap set is fiscally friendly and offers you a bright rainbow look that won’t fade away.

  1. Sun Saturn

When you want a mani that’s out of this world but still subtle enough for your everyday look, look no further than Sun Saturn. This nail wrap kit features a bright cherry base with shiny gold half-moon accents at the tip and the base. The best part? This stellar mani is easy to apply and won’t chip. That’s what we call a nail look that’s out of this world.

  1. Cherry Girl Nail Wrap

Calling those who love intricate nail designs but are admittedly nail art impaired – the Cherry Girl Nail Wrap is for you. This red-themed set boasts designs of polka dots, glitter, gingham, and of course cherries (in two different red shades). Whether you’re a novice at nail art or want an elaborate manicure without spending the day at the nail salon, this sweet set is the nail equivalent of the cherry on top. 

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