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How to Apply and Remove Nail Wraps

At first glance, nail wraps look like the ultimate lazy girl hack and a laid-back way to prevent chipped polish. And don’t get us wrong, they are – but you still need to apply them properly for the best results! For those who want to keep their gorgeous floral, cloud, or heart-emblazed nails (we have them all in our nail wrap lineup) looking sleek long-term, you’ll need to do the work.


Nail wraps aren’t exactly a new beauty innovation, having been around since the 1980s. However, they’re rapidly gaining popularity due to people’s busy schedules and appreciation for beauty hacks. You save major time and money when you simply stick on the most beautiful rainbow nail wraps instead of heading to the salon – and don’t even get us started on the pain of chipped polish. Keep reading to learn what nail wraps are, how to apply nail wraps, and which nail polish wraps are going to earn a place in your beloved beauty stash.  


What Are Nail Wraps?


In the simplest of terms, nail wraps are stickers placed on your natural nail for a long-lasting and easy-to-apply design – one that many could not even differentiate from a typical manicure. They’re often made with materials like gel, silk, or vinyl, which help maintain flexibility for nail polish wraps to fit on different nail shapes. This versatility is a massive reason for the surge in popularity of nail wraps, along with the convenience and affordability that was ideal when nails salons closed mid-pandemic in 2020. Even with everything opening back up, many are still adding to their collection of nail polish wraps!


When you don’t have the time or funds to head to the salon every couple of weeks, a seconds-long session with your nail wraps will always do the trick. These stickers are printed with beautiful designs, like the soft colors in Pastel Dreams Gelacure or cherries and sparkles in Cherry Girl Nail Wrap, to show your personality without the hassle of chipped polish. Or should we say personalities, in the case of our Rainbow Cloud Nail Wrap that features unique styles for every finger? A simple stick will do the trick, but knowing how to apply nail wraps and gently remove them is a must to get the most out of your DIY manicure and maintain the health of your natural nails.


How to Apply Nail Wrap


  1. Prep your nails


We’d recommend you trim your natural nails as needed, and always remove any leftover polish. Once you’ve eliminated any excess color, be sure that you rinse away all the polish remover and end up with clean and clear nails. Leaving polish remover behind can interfere with the adhesive of your nail wraps and make them less sticky, which is always a no-go!


  1. Apply a Base Coat


Similar to the way your nail technician uses a base coat at the salon, a simple touch of sheer polish will help your nail wraps stay put and look perfect long-term.


  1. Peel Off and Apply


Choose your favorite nail wraps design for each finger, peel it off, and gently place it on your nail – leaving a bit of space between the sticker and your cuticle.


  1. Trim to Your Liking


If the nail wraps are too long when you stick them on, don’t fret. A pair of mini-scissors or clippers can easily remove the excess fiber for a precise fit. And then voilà! Your nail wraps are ready to show off.


  1. Apply a Topcoat


Even the most long-lasting nail polish wraps (like ours!) need a bit of support, and a top coat can do wonders for longevity and a beautiful look. While most nail wraps last between one to two weeks, the act of gliding on a top coat can make your nails look fresh and flawless for up to three.


How to Remove Nail Wraps


There are several methods that you can use to remove a nail wrap – here are our favorites!


  1. Nail Polish Remover


The most obvious method for removing nail wraps is exactly what you might be thinking – pouring a bit of nail polish remover onto a cotton swab and rubbing them against your nail wraps will remove them in no time!


  1. Floss Method


Use the string of a floss pick to gently work your way underneath the nail wraps, wiggling upwards until it begins to peel off on its own. This method is proof of why you shouldn’t get too close to the cuticle when sticking them on!


  1. Coconut Oil


You love coconut oil for moisturizing your skin, but what if we told you that you could do both that and take care of nail wrap removal with this method? Simply heat up a few tablespoons of coconut oil in your microwave until it melts but isn’t too hot so as not to burn your skin. Once it’s warm enough, dunk your hands in the bowl for around 30 seconds until your nail wraps begin to loosen. Then you can remove and rejoice in your soft hands and sweet nails!


  1. Take a Hot Bath


The best way to remove your nail polish wraps and practice self-care? A warm bath, of course! The heat will soften your nail wraps and make them looser, and you should be able to easily peel them off by the time you step out of the tub.


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