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The Best Nail Wraps for Every Occasion

The Best Nail Wraps for Every Occasion

Unpopular opinion –  going to the nail salon to get a fresh mani for every occasion can be a pain in the butt. We can’t always carve out the time, but we still want our nails to be on theme. That’s why we love DIY nail wraps for an at-home mani without the fuss. The best nail wraps (also known as nail stickers) are easy to apply, last a couple of weeks, are flexible for all nail sizes, and come in a variety of nail art designs. With all the choices available, it’s hard to distinguish which nail wrap is best. PaintLab is here to help you find the best nail wrap to match every occasion (and all the moments in between). Because let’s be honest, the best nail art wraps help you “nail” your look every time.


The Best Nail Wraps for Date Night

The best nail wrap for date night is one that’s fun, flirty, and out-of-this-world – making Sun Saturn the obvious choice. The red nail features a pop of gold sparkle at the tip and base of the design to zhug up the typical sexy red nail. No matter what activity your S.O. has planned, this easy-to-apply nail wrap set will ensure you’re the only one in their love galaxy.


The Best Nail Wraps for the Office

Prim and proper doesn’t mean boring, so we love the Wicked Cherry Gelacure nail wrap set for the office. The radiant red color boosts the brightness of your hands but is subtle enough not to be a distraction. We also love this set for every day at the office because it won’t chip and lasts up to 14 days! You won’t need to worry about reapplying during the busy work week. This classic manicure makes it easy to dress for the job you want and the job you have.


The Best Nail Wraps for a Wedding

Weddings are all about dreams, which makes the Pastel Dreams Gelacure the perfect nail wrap for the occasion. Leave the white to the bride and embrace the pop these pretty pastels provide. The solid color designs come in powder blue, mint green, ballet pink, lovely lavender, mellow yellow, and more! This set is easy to fit any size of nails and expresses your well-wishes without having to open your mouth. Next time you’re looking for the perfect mani for a wedding, say “I do” to the Pastel Dreams Gelacure.


The Best Nail Wraps for a Family Celebration

Family celebrations are back and what better way to show your excitement than with festive nail art? The Cherry Girl Nail Wrap represents the perfect combination of diversity, unity, and joy – just like family. The cherry-inspired set features all red designs made with real liquid gel in plaid, polka dots, glitter, and of course the namesake fruit. This nail wrap will spark joy for the entire family.


The Best Nail Wraps for a Job Interview

It’s no secret that our appearance makes a first impression before we speak ­– and first impressions are most crucial during job interviews. You want to exude professionalism, sophistication, and dependability. The Cherry Pop Nail Wrap allows your nails to make all these statements at once. This solid red set is classic, bold, shows you exude confidence, and are the perfect candidate for the job. The best part is, that they last up to 14 days and won’t chip – so your nails will remain perfect when you’re brought back for a second interview.


The Best Nail Wraps for a Weekend Getaway

Relax and let whimsey be your guide on your weekend getaway. Let the happiness and whimsey spread everywhere – especially to your nails. The Rainbow Cloud Nail Wrap is like a dose of dopamine for your hands. The colorful, vibrant designs feature florals, hearts, clouds, rainbows, and a solid golden yellow color that’s as bright as the sun! This set is easy to apply and remove and lasts up to 14 days. They might even inspire you to extend your weekend getaway to a full-fledged vacation!


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