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Everything to Know About Press-On Nails

Everything to Know About Press-On Nails

Fake nails are a timeless beauty trend that we’ve always known about, but may not have considered trying. The biweekly trip to the salon for your manicure is a bit therapeutic, right? But if there’s anything we learned from staying home in 2020, it’s that at-home beauty techniques are the future… and press-on nails from paint lab will soon become your new favorite way to unwind, accessorize, and look beautiful while doing it. From the perks of saving time and money to collecting your favorite press-on styles while showing kindness to your natural nails, there are countless things you need to know about fake nails. Here are a few top picks from paint lab:

Press-On Nails

Less time, money, and mess

The cost of a weekly or biweekly mani-pedi adds up quickly, and there’s no greater heartbreak than watching your polish chip or a nail break when you don’t plan on going back to the salon anytime soon. Ugh. This struggle is non-existent with a set of fake nails from paint lab, as they’re extremely affordable and can be done right from your dining room table.

While a salon visit can take up to an hour, the process of applying fake nails takes no more than 20 minutes. These can also last even longer than your typical manicure while saving you tons of money in the process. What’s not to love?

You can choose your signature style

Are you a modern fashionista with a taste for nude and almond-shaped nails, a color enthusiast with a love for neon, or both? Anything works when applying fake nails, as these products are available in tons of shapes and designs to fit your lifestyle.

If you’re looking for something bright and eye-catching, our Green Apple set is guaranteed to help you collect compliments wherever you go. But maybe you want all the color, with a little less length? No problem. Smiley is a vivid set that brings sunshine and positivity, with a medium length for those who have active jobs or don’t want the worry of longer nails. There are plenty of ways to customize your favorite shape - oval, round, coffin, or square - with your top color(s) for a personalized set of fake nails that’s 100% you.

They help you practice nail health

You know how dermatologists recommend that you never leave excess makeup remnants on your face, as this can clog the pores and cause damage? The same goes for your natural nails, as leaving polish on them long-term will take a toll and perhaps leave them more brittle. Not cool. The glue from your fake nails is much more gentle than any acrylic or gel polish that they use at the salon, and can be removed whenever you like to ensure long-term nail health.

They’re convenient for those who love to switch it up

Are you somebody who is known to switch up their hair color with the seasons, and doesn’t have a “favorite jacket” because she buys a new one every couple of months? We like your changing style, and think that fake nails may just be the ideal accessory for you. Since press-on nails can be easily applied and removed within 15-20 minutes, you can match every outfit with ease as you go edgy for a concert, classic for date night, or minimal for a chill beach day. While you may love the color you got at the salon today, it may not fit your changing style two weeks from now… which is why you need an easy and convenient set of press-ons for these fashion emergencies!

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