What Are Soap Brows and How Can We Get Them

The eyes may be the window to the soul, but they aren’t nearly as powerful if their best accessory isn’t on point- the brows, of course. Just like hairstyles have trends, so do brows. And right now, fashionistas are channeling the 1970’s and Farrah Fawcett with a full, fluffy, feathered look known as soap brows. 

What are Soap Brows?

This trend is all about the arches and the lusciousness of the brows. The name soap brows comes from the technique that makeup artists (and TikTokers) have been featuring where they use soap to groom their brows. Some refer to soap brows laminated brows (more on that later), but soap brows is more on the nose, well, the arch since regular soap is actually used to achieve these bushy brows. To get soap brows, toss your eyebrow gel in your drawer and grab the soap by your sink- it’s now your newest beauty hack.

Soap contains the ingredient glycerin. Glycerin is a fat that coats the brow hairs. It creates texture and makes it easy to lift, direct, shape, style and set the brows. It creates a laminated look (see the nickname above) that coats the brows, so they stay in place. In fact, they stay so well, you’d think you used glue instead of soap. You won’t have to worry about any stray hairs ruining your look or your selfies.

Is Soap Bad for Your Brows?

Soap is made for the skin, so it isn’t bad for your brows or your face. But soap does have alkaline pH, which can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin. Read: itching, redness, inflammation, etc. It’s best to find a soap with a low pH for this technique. Soap won’t cause any long term damage or have long term affects but you do want to be mindful of what kind of soap you use. You should also try to use clear soap, so you don’t accidentally get any white residue stuck in your beautiful brows. 

How to Get Soap Brows

Soap brows are any easy beauty look that you won’t need 10 YouTube tutorials to nail. You’ll need soap (duh!), a clean or disposable spoolie, and water. 

  1.     Slightly wet the spoolie in water or dampen with a setting spray mist. 
  2.     Lightly drag it across your bar of soap. (Careful not to grab too much soap, it could lather.)
  3.     Gently brush the spoolie through your brows. Brush the hairs up and away to create your look. 
  4.     If the brows are too big for your taste, horizontally run the spoolie through your brows horizontally to create a smaller brow shape. 
  5.     Fill in your brows with any brow product you love.

There’s another, even easier way to get this coveted eyebrow look- product! That’s right, beauty brands are making products to help you get soap brows with even less effort and a little more pizazz.  Our favorite is obviously Paint Lab’s Soap Brow. This product visibly thickens your brows and makes them flexible and feathery in seconds. The formula makes it easy to shape and groom into just the place you want them. All you have to do is apply Soap Brow directly to your brows, use the spoolie to gently brush upwards to shape and fluff and- voila! Soap brows that are even faster and more sculpted than using regular soap… plus no chance of skin irritation.

If you’re looking to switch up your brow game, Paint Lab’s Soap Brow has you and your eyebrows covered. Shop Soap Brows.