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All The Nail Shapes You Should Know

All The Nail Shapes You Should Know

Remember the days you would go to the salon and simply ask for either round or square nails, depending on your preference? Those days are long over, darling – and trust us when we say there’s a beautiful world of nail shapes to explore. Don’t get us wrong, you can have your square nails and wear them too, but there are also so many other options to try. Read on for a definitive guide on the different nail shapes and how you can decide which one is right for you.


Stiletto Nails


Of all the different nail shapes, the stiletto has to be the fiercest. It’s named for the strappy shoe that follows you from the bar to brunch, with the tip of your nails taking on the persona of your mega-spiked heel. Seriously, just look at how sharp these things are. The stiletto nail shape is a spiked version of the almond-shaped nails, achieved through lots of filing until you achieve a pointed tip.


Almond-Shaped Nails


Think about the sexy, sultry vibes of almond-shaped eyes… but like, for your nails. Almond shaped nails are one of the most popular shapes around, filed along the edges to create a rounded peak that resembles the actual nut. These are the perfect form for work or play, and you can find plenty of almond-shaped nails in captivating colors in our press-on collection. Try Queen of Hearts, Pink Sherbet, Multi-Tips Nails, or Rainbow Love!


Coffin-Shaped Nails


Don’t worry, coffin-shaped nails don’t refer to a gothic look à la Wednesday Adams, but rather a killer silhouette that resembles a casket. Just look at our Red Danger nails for up-close viewing of coffin shaped nails! They’re Kylie Jenner’s signature look that she’s been wearing for years – a less intense take on the stiletto nail that swaps out the pointy tip for square ends. They can also be called ballerina nails due to their resemblance to the slippers.


Square Nails


This is a self-explanatory shape that’s been used in salons for many years – flat on top with straight and sharp corners. Square nails pair perfectly with solid colors but can also be dazzled with rhinestones or swirls to give your press-on nails a little more personality. We love all the different nail shapes, but you can’t go wrong with a classic square!


Oval Nails


Oval-shaped nails are often mistaken for round nails, but they’re their own nail shape. An oval shape is filed down on the sides in addition to the tip, giving it an elongated look that makes fingers look slender and sleek.


Squoval Nails


The squoval is a hybrid of the oval and square, the latter of which gets a soft makeover. The ultra-sharp edges are filed down to produce a look that’s a little less harsh, while keeping the flattering shape that looks flawless on every finger. Trust us, once you see the versatility of squoval, you’ll never go back.


Round Nails


Simple and sweet, you can’t go wrong with a set of round nails. They’re perfect for those who like to keep their nails clipped on the shorter side, due to personal preference or say, a physical job or sporty hobby! You can get rounded nails in all types of cute designs ­– including cherry stems, polka dots, and ruby shimmers – with our Cherry Girl Nail Wrap.


Lipstick Nails


This nail shape has recently become popular. Lipstick nails are inspired by bulleted lipstick, filed down to create an asymmetrical shape that’s equal parts daring and dreamy. Is there any greater confidence than rocking a scarlet red lipstick combined with ruby and radiant lipstick nails? We think not.


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