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These Are The Summer Nail Designs You’ll Be Seeing All Season Long

These Are The Summer Nail Designs You’ll Be Seeing All Season Long

Backyard barbecues and pool days are cool and all, but have you seen the best summer nail designs? These seasonal essentials will have you decked out with the most vibrant hues and ultra-hot patterns. We’re talking about ice cream cones, clouds, strawberries, and breezy blues that represent the clear skies and captivating ocean – such a summer vibe. It’s been a minute since we had a full season of warmer days that were spent out with our squad rather than staying inside, and you deserve to celebrate properly with bright summer nails.


Are you hoping to borrow a few things from spring, go full Euphoria with major metallics, or unleash your love of watermelon with the most One in a Melon nail set ever? There’s something for everybody with the best summer nail colors, and we can’t wait to melt over your beautiful creations during the warmer months. Keep reading for the best summer nails you’ll be seeing all season long!


Pretty Pastels


Don’t let anybody tell you that vibrant pastels are only made for spring! They’re one of the top summer nail designs that people will be flaunting all season, and it’s easy to see why. Yellow represents the refreshing lemonade in your hand, blue the sparkling ocean, and pink reminiscent of the breathtaking sunsets you’ll be taking in with your squad. And these aren’t your typical Easter egg colors, but more edgy shades of the classics to capture a summer vibe. For instance, just look at our Luna nail set! The royal blue reminds you of the ocean, while the orange is a warmer hue that can be compared to beachside bonfires or July Fourth fireworks. They put a pastel spin on the classic French tip, which also happens to be one of the top summer nails of 2022. And you’ll be looking beautiful in your bright summer nails with Luna! You can also try Bluey for a unique pastel set that lets you show off a singular color.


Food-Themed Nails


Think about your favorite summer foods – ice cream, hamburgers, and watermelon. They look great on your plate during barbeques, but even better as one of your go-to summer nail designs! You can incorporate these treats into your summer nails in several ways, whether it be stickers over polish, a great pair of press-on nails, or an intricate design from your local nail art expert. Maybe you’d like to go the ice cream route, with your French tips taking on a cone design and hints of pistachio, blueberry, or Rocky Road on each finger. If you’re more of a fruit girl, you’re in good hands with PaintLab. Our So Strawberry set takes on a pale pink hue that’s perfect for summer, covered with miniature strawberries that are always in season. No fancy manicure is required, as you can press on this nail set in minutes to make your summer nails look incredibly sweet!


Rainbow Nails


Is there any better way to celebrate your new summer nail designs than with a symbol of Pride? June is a month-long celebration of incredible LGBTQ individuals, and you can show your support all through Pride Month with a set of radiant multicolored nails like our Rainbow Love set. This is the ideal set of bright summer nails for those who simply can’t choose just one or two colors and supports your Pride celebrations alongside vibrant parades and donations to the best organizations.


Summer-esque Stickers


Listen, a lot of us are more active during the warmer months, whether it’s swimming, hiking, or just hanging out with friends on a bike ride. The bottom line? Super-long nails may not be the best idea for individuals who are always on the go, and this is where nail stickers become one of the top summer nail trends, ever. They apply in seconds, never break off, and feature the best summer nail designs for every mood… making them a must-have for hot days. Our Rainbow Cloud Nail Wrap set has it all… clouds, rainbows, flowers, and bright yellow strips that come together for a Pinterest-perfect vision of summer. Start applying now to get the best compliments on your summer nail designs, and we can practically guarantee that you’ll want to wear them through the rest of the year, too!


Metallic Magic


Sparkle is all around us during the summer months ­– whether it’s the shimmering ocean or bright, fun eyeshadows. You can add a little shimmer to your summer nails with the best metallics. This is arguably one of the most versatile summer nail designs on this list, as to how you wear them is entirely up to you. You can adopt a metallic French tip for Euphoria-inspired bright summer nails or sprinkle glitter across a clear nail body for ethereal vibes… and the list goes on and on. Our tip to you? Pair them with our Night at the Roxbury eyeliner stickers for a double dose of dazzle that pairs effortlessly with your metallic summer nail designs.



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