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These Valentine’s Day Nails Will Steal Your Heart

These Valentine’s Day Nails Will Steal Your Heart

February 14th is right around the corner, and we know you’re thinking about not only flowers and chocolates… but also the Valentine’s Day nails that will love up your look. PaintLab is dedicated to being your number one on this heart-friendly holiday, providing you with the most lovely and luxurious press-on nails that are applied with ease. Whether you’re into the traditional pink and red tips or hope to get a bit more daring on date night, these styles are guaranteed to make you fall in love. Choose your favorite Valentine’s Day nail set below.

 1.Red Hearts

And the prize for the best Valentine’s Day nail press-ons goes to… red heart nails. Our Red Hearts press-on nails are difficult not to fall in love with, thanks to the miniature red hearts that speckle a pretty pink base. They’re ideal for anybody who likes balance in their nail look – fierce but not too flashy and medium-length so you can be equipped for any Valentine’s Day activity. They’re versatile enough to wear long after February 14th, which is a casual reminder that the Red Hearts set is reusable and ready to bring love into your look time and time again.


2. Pink Tips 

Are you somebody who values simplicity and style with your Valentine's Day nails? If so, you’re about to be pretty in pink with this adorable set of press-ons. As the name suggests, our Pink Tips feature a range of pink and red shades on each finger for the ultimate Valentine’s Day French manicure. They bring variety while staying true to the shades most associated with Valentine's Day, and there’s a very good chance that one of these hues will match your makeup look! Pair your Pink Tips nail set with your favorite red lipstick and/or magenta blush, and you’ll instantly evoke heart-eyes.


3. Pink Sherbet 

There are plenty of sweet things happening on February 14th, from the dessert you’re sharing with your partner to this set of Pink Sherbet press-ons that were made for Valentine’s Day. This design is an optical illusion that people won’t want to look away from, featuring swirls of baby pink, magenta, and a bit of gold for a set that’s equally cute and captivating.

4. Queen of Hearts 

You’re a queen every day of the year, but why not take be the queen of love this Valentine’s Day with these regal Valentine’s Day nails? Our Queen of Hearts set features red, heart-shaped tips on each finger. From a dreamy date night to a bar crawl with your best friends to a night on the couch with Netflix, these are the ultimate Valentine’s Day nails – and nails that will make you feel like royalty year-round.


5. Wild Ones 

These may not be a conventional Valentine’s Day nail design, but that’s precisely why you should let loose with our Wild Ones set. These extravagant press-ons are perfect for the girl who likes to do Valentine’s Day her own way, with five designs and countless colors to add flair to any outfit. Are you all about the blue cheetah print, the bold and fiery-pink flame, or the mesmerizing lilac squiggles? You’ll never have to give your heart to just one with Wild Ones.



6. So Strawberry 

Chocolate-covered strawberries are a Valentine’s Day staple, and you can upgrade the sweetness by adorning your nails with your favorite fruit. So Strawberry press-ons are as cute as they sound, with a pale pink design that’s fruity and fresh. Strawberries are always in season with this nail set.


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