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Eye Stickers Are Your New Makeup Hack to Effortlessly Amp Up Any Look

Eye Stickers Are Your New Makeup Hack to Effortlessly Amp Up Any Look

Changing your makeup look (especially eye makeup) from day to day can be a process. Not only is it time consuming to watch YouTube tutorials on a variety of looks, but it can also be costly. Most of the time you need a variety of colors, palettes, eyeliners, and tools- and they usually only work for one specific look. Eye stickers are here to solve your eye makeup conundrums. They are the “it” accessory right now for your eyes! 

Eye stickers come in a variety of shape and colors. Some eye stickers are applied on the eye lid, like normal shadow or liner would be. Other designs are worn all over the eye area, branching out to the brow bone or underneath the eye. Our favorite part about eye stickers is they couldn’t be easier to apply, and it always look perfect. It’s a makeup look you can’t mess up! That makes them especially useful for makeup novices who want a more dramatic look but haven’t acquired influencer-esq makeup skills yet. All you have to do is peel and press- and your face is transformed in seconds. They’re just as fast and easy to remove, so no more standing at the bathroom sink for twenty minutes to take off your eye makeup when you wish you were already curled up in bed.

Paint Lab’s eye stickers come in a plethora of bold, fun colors and styles to choose from and we’re here to break them down for you!

After Burning Man Eye Stickers

 If you’re feeling a Mad Max dystopian vibe for a weekend getaway or a night on the town, the After Burning Man Eye Stickers will be your go-to style. These would shine even If there was desert dust everywhere. The eyelid eye stickers come in pink, blue, red, and of course rainbow. No matter where you are, you’ll be the center of attention at the greatest party in the world if you’re sporting this psychedelic eye sticker style!

Kitty Cat Eye Stickers 

This style is for all you non-committal types out there, because the set comes with a pair of stickers in pink, green, yellow and blue. The Kitty Cat Eye Stickers level up the basic cat eye makeup trend with bold color and precision of shape. No more worrying about shaky hands messing up your lined look. They’re the purr-fect cat eye for any occasion.  

Pussycat Eye Stickers

This eye sticker style lets you live nine lives and have nine different looks. The Pussycat Eye Stickers give your face a chic pop when you don’t want to go overboard with the drama but, want your face to have that “wow factor”.  Since they come in colors including blue, pink, red and rainbow, you can use one color or create your own rainbow and use them all at once! No matter what color combination you choose, what’s certain is you’ll look cool.

“So” Eye Stickers 

The “So” collection of eye stickers come in all the best bright colors: Green, blue, purple, orange and pink. Select the eye sticker color that suits your mood or order them all, so you have an abundance of colorful choices. This style is a perfect replacement for eyeliner- and it’s way easier to apply. It also offers maximum versatility because they can be worn with or without eyeshadow and the different colors and be mixed, matched, and layered if you so choose. You can even create a custom look for each eye or keep it monochromatic and simple by sporting one “So” color eye sticker. 

Wildcat Eye Stickers 

Take a walk on the wild side with this winged eye sticker style. The Wildcat Eye Stickers stand out as a more feminine twist on our other cat eye stickers. They’re fun and flirty and our favorite is the pink pair. They also come in red, blue, and rainbow so you can choose the color that matches the rest of your look. The Wildcat Eye Stickers take care of announcing your presence when you walk into a room. Add that to the simple application and you’ll have plenty of energy to bring to any wild party.

Even though someone else may be wearing our eye stickers, you won’t have to worry about a “who wore it better” moment with your friend or the girl at the club. It’s easy to let your creativity flow and make them your own. We mentioned you can layer multiple eye stickers in different patterns that create your own unique look. The best part about our eye stickers is you get a lot of looks for a little money. None of our eye stickers are over $15. You can amp up your look with a variety of eye stickers, without breaking your budget. They’re affordable enough for you to stock up on for the 2022 festival season or have on hand for a night out when you want to look “extra”. Say goodbye to smudged eye makeup and hello to amplified eyes! If you want a beauty look that brings the drama, bring some of Paintlab’s eye stickers home. You won’t regret it.

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