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The Abstract Nails You Need to Try This Summer

The Abstract Nails You Need to Try This Summer

It’s not uncommon to look at your finished press-on nails and think, “Wow, what a masterpiece!” You know, like how you admire your parallel parking job, which shows off your steady hand. Well, what if we told you that you could create a literal work of art this summer with the best abstract press-on nails? The abstract nail art trend is taking over Instagram and beyond, and you can easily heat up the warmer months with your artsy designs. From swirls, dots, and squiggles that deliver ‘70s vibes to fiery sketches reminiscent of your favorite season, summer is about to be filled with abstract nail designs.


Abstract nail art is inspired by abstract paintings. Abstract artists don’t follow the traditional rules but rather let their personalities shine through with circular motions and rebelliously radiant designs. And you can do the very same with your minimal abstract nails. Are you ready to start a new season with an artsy and exquisite twist, particularly on your press-on nails? Here are five abstract nails you need to try this summer.


  1. Multi-Flame Nails


Squiggly lines are a signature take on abstract nail art, so heat up your summer with our Multi-Flame press-on nails. This design will light a fire in you like never before, featuring a blaze of beautiful sketches made for the warmer months. Can’t decide which hue is appropriate for your summer festivities? Don’t worry ­– you can wear them all. Multi-Flame continues the rule-breaking spirit of abstract nail designs with squiggly lines and a spectrum of shades on every finger, including blue, orange, yellow, and green. AKA, the ideal color palette for the ocean and flames you’ll need during a summer bonfire on the beach. There’s something edgy yet exquisite about abstract nail art, and our Multi-Flame nails will ignite your interest in this timeless trend.


  1. Swirly


Swirly is the ultimate definition of abstract nail art, living up to its name with ultra-colorful and curly lines that won't quit. Think about the first words that come to mind when viewing this vibrant nail set… you’ll likely get something along the lines of bold, detailed, and modern. Abstract art is based on the same terms and is often layered (both visually and emotionally) and open to interpretation. We see Swirly as some of the best abstract nails for summer.


  1. Pink Sherbet


The only thing that screams summer more than frozen treats? Vivid abstract nail designs named after your favorite ice cream. Pink Sherbet is squiggly and sweet, incorporating magenta, rose, and gleaming gold on each finger for a fresh take on abstract nails. Our recommendation for a beautiful summer 2022? Grab your squad, head to the local ice cream shop, and take a photo of your Pink Sherbet nails while holding the treat of the same name. It’s not just essential for your Instagram aesthetic but also a well-deserved moment of the sweetest self-care!


  1. Wild Ones


Want the best abstract nail art, amplified by five? Wild Ones is the set to try. These press-on nails feature a unique pattern on every finger – including squiggling lavender and green lines, a magenta flame, and more. They perfectly follows the code of abstract paintings, letting loose and using visuals to create an alternate reality while simultaneously creating summer vibes with every style. Go wild with one of the best sets of abstract nail designs by PaintLab, which provide variety and vivid styles all summer.


  1. Bluey

Meet Bluey, the press-on nail set representing minimal abstract nails at their finest. What do we mean by minimal, exactly? Bluey doesn’t look like the stereotypical version of abstract art that you’ve seen in galleries. Instead, it’s a modern take on abstract nail art designed to be simplistic, stunning, and made for summer. The icy blue hue is arranged in unique styles across each finger, with some a bit more swirled than others. Wear them with your favorite ocean-inspired outfits all summer for a blue-tiful look!


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