Try These Face Gems for a Euphoria-Inspired Makeup Look

HBO’s Euphoria is a pop culture phenomenon thanks to the show’s incredible acting and nail-biting drama, but its trendsetting makeup looks – particularly face gem makeup – are what lives rent-free in our heads. Face gems have become so popular they’re showing up on runways and red carpets alike. But can this look translate to everyday life? The answer is a big yes! Where do you wear face gems IRL? Anywhere you want! Face crystals can be worn on the eyes, cheeks, forehead, or anywhere else you choose to adorn them. One of the best parts about this trend is you can let your creativity shine (we happen to love Crystal Blitz for a casual or understated look that’s suitable for any type of occasion).


You might be wondering what you stick face gems on with and how do you get them to stay on your face? The process couldn’t be simpler! Eye gems come with a gentle adhesive on the back of the crystals. Press firmly when you apply, and they will stay on your face until you remove them. Here’s a quick face gems application tutorial:


  1. Start with a clean, dry face.
  2. Slowly peel off the gem you want to apply, keeping it flat.
  3. Place gem around your eyes, cheeks, or anywhere you want your face to pop.
  4. Press down firmly to make sure it’s attached.
  5. Peel off slowly to remove.


It’s safe to say, this bejeweled beauty trend isn’t going anywhere. Keep reading for our favorite Euphoria-inspired looks using gems for the face that give everyone main character energy – on and offscreen.


Romantic Glam

For the Cassie inside all of us, Star Lover is the perfect set of face gems for anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve. The variety of sizes of these heart and star-shaped face crystals allow for placement all over the face and even multiple hearts to be worn at once. These face gems will show off your, “I’ve never been happier” face – but you’ll actually mean it.


Baddie Vibes

Maddy knows that life is all about confidence, and no makeup look shows more confidence than Spacey face gems. The face crystals come with a blue, pink, and yellow set with different undulating shapes to accentuate your eyes. These face gems add a sexy sparkle to your face while allowing your cool demeanor to shine. 


Boho Babe

Knowing who you are and living authentically is what we admire most about Jules’ character and Hunter Schaefer who plays her. Dazey face gems aren’t screaming for attention so much as they are allowing the real you to shine through. The set includes four colors of face crystals perfect for those days when life is a mood, and you want to express yourself.  


Sparkling Kat Eye

Our favorite femme fatale strikes a perfect balance between feminine and sexy. While Kat is trying to embrace every part of herself, she also knows she’s got it going on. The Flurry set of face gems embraces that duality with bright crystals in simple shapes to highlight your best features. The only thing you need to worry about is how much you’ll outshine the crowd when sporting these.

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