Pastel Nails Are In: Here Are Our Favorite Ideas

When it comes to spring trends, the infamous The Devil Wears Prada quote is etched in our brain, “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking.” We don’t have an aversion to florals, but we do like to keep our spring looks new and fresh – especially when it comes to our nails. While pastel nails may not seem like a far stretch for the blooming season, there are so many ways to make this trend totally new. Whether you’re looking for intricate nail art or prefer to let solid colors flourish, we’ve rounded up four of our favorite pastel nail ideas to make your spring mani a stunner!

 French Mani with a Fresh Spin

We love nail art, but there’s something about keeping our nail designs clean and simple for spring that we can’t get enough of. A French manicure with pastel tips is the perfect look for anyone who loves a trendy yet sophisticated spring nail look. The Green Apple press-on nail set features thick pastel green tips on round-shaped nails. The pastel green tips remind us of a fresh meadow and add a touch of spring sass to the otherwise subtle nails.

Multi-Colored Pastel Nails

Find yourself constantly torn between picking the perfect nail color? The good news is that with multi-colored pastel nails, you don’t have to pick just one! The Pastel Dreams Gelacure boasts a different pastel color for each nail. The kit includes shades of peach, ballerina pink, lavender, powder blue, and mint green – to name a few. Bonus: This nail wrap set is easy to apply and long-lasting.


Swirl Nails

Our clocks may spring forward (for now), but we’re going back in time with this favorite pastel manicure. Swirl nails have begun swarming social media with their retro, psychedelic, ‘60s-inspired aesthetic featuring multiple pastel colors intertwined together. The aptly named Swirly press-on nail set features hints of pastel yellow, purple, green, and pink in a mesmerizing swirl design. It reminds us of tie-dye for your nails – and will make you feel groovy whether you’re hitting the town or chilling out to make up for that lost hour of sleep.


Sunshine State of Mind

We love all the pastel rainbow nail designs springing up this season, but there’s also something to be said for choosing a sleek, monochromatic pastel look. The Smiley press-on nail set sports a single yellow color with a dash of nail art to brighten your day. The powdery, yellow pastel shade has just enough pop to be noticed without overwhelming your look while the smiley face accent on the ring finger adds an extra sprinkle of sunshine that we call the “instant manicure mood booster.”


Looking for more nail inspiration? PaintLab is the perfect place to get ideas for a nail glow-up all year long.


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