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How to Clean and Reuse False Lashes

How to Clean and Reuse False Lashes

If there’s one area of your face that you don’t want to mess with, it’s your eyes. That’s why the first step in your fake lash journey is always determining how to clean false lashes. Yes, even before picking out the perfect pair of fake lashes from PaintLab. Our collection of reusable lashes is begging to be worn on your next date night, chill evening in, or girlfriend getaway. But, learning the proper maintenance is more important than even the most perfect makeup looks – for hygienic reasons and so you can get more than one wear out of your falsies!


You likely have a lot of questions about your new lashes: Is it difficult to learn how to clean fake eyelashes? Can you reuse fake lashes? Which false lashes from PaintLab should I try? The answers are no, absolutely, and all of them, darling. Here are the best tips on how to clean false lashes and reuse them time and time again….


How to Clean Fake Eyelashes


Step 1: Grab a cotton swab and douse it in eye makeup remover. Gently rub the tip along your fake lashes to remove leftover glue, excess makeup, or any fuzzies that may have gotten stuck. Pay extra attention to the lash band, which often gets the messiest after each use, and peel any remaining glue off with a pair of tweezers if the eye makeup remover doesn’t do the trick.


Step 2: Once you’ve removed all impurities, use another cotton swab dipped in warm water to wipe off excess residue.


Step 3: While your lashes are still wet, you can rearrange them if needed. For instance, putting the hearts back where they belong on our Pure Love Lashes or styling the beautiful butterflies on our Multi-Butterfly Lashes after a girl’s night out. Gently twist them back into your desired shape before letting them air dry in a cool, dry place for 10-15 minutes.


Step 4: When they’re finished drying, don’t even think about tossing them back in your makeup bag. Keep them clean and untangled by putting them in a spacious case inside your vanity or bedside table. This prevents your hard work from going to waste after you’ve learned how to clean false lashes to perfection!


Disclaimer: While we’re fond of the method above, the decision of how to clean your false lashes is up to you. Some like to soak them in micellar water for a few minutes or add a few drops of dish soap into regular H2O to give their fake lashes a beautiful bath. You can experiment with these techniques on all your PaintLab favorites.


Do I Really Need To Learn How To Clean My False Lashes?


Short answer: absolutely. Your eyes are a very delicate area of your face, partially due to the thinner skin and majorly because of possible contact with bacteria. It’s crucial to clean your false lashes not only to protect your eyes but also to shield your new accessory against wear and tear. Don’t skip out on this important step!


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