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How to Get a Brow Lamination Look with Makeup

How to Get a Brow Lamination Look with Makeup

Brow lamination is a top-tier treatment used by all types of beauty lovers, and for good reason. Often compared to the likes of microblading and tinting, this process involves taming unruly hairs with a cream, brushing the rest up into formation, and sealing them in a fuller and fluffier state that lasts for up to eight weeks. Pretty cool, right? The thing is, you can save time, money, and more by doing a brow lamination at home with makeup. It creates a look that’s equally lush and laminated as you’d get with your brow technician. The process is short and sweet, consisting of a few simple steps to take your brows from laidback to laminated. Here’s how to get started with your brow lamination at home, using our Soap Brow.


Step 1: Do a Quick Cleanse

Use a makeup wipe or cleanser to ensure that brows are clean – removing any debris or leftover makeup. When finished, gently wipe the area with warm water and dry.


Step 2: Tweeze and Trim – if Needed

A few extra hairs aren’t anything to stress about. However, those who desire a sleeker and more polished look are welcome to tweeze and trim away a few wild ones before going in with our Soap Brow. This leads us to our next step…


Step 3: Determine Your Desired Brow Style

Many of those who do a brow lamination look at home opt for effortlessly disheveled styles – think feathery, fluffy, and high-fashion. It’s like the messy bun of brows. But if you’re looking for more of those impeccable arches seen on Instagram, that’s okay too! Our recommendation is to determine which look you’re aiming for before opening the Soap Brow, as the last thing you need is your brow look sealed in before you’ve figured out what you like.


Step 4: Start Brushing

It’s time to start brushing! Use the spoolie brush to directly place our Soap Brow formula onto your brow hairs, and brush upwards to create the brow lamination look you’d like. Our tip to you? A little goes a long way – start with a small amount of product, working on a small section at a time. This will help you achieve a more even application and an even more beautiful style for your brow lamination at home.


Step 5: Enjoy Your Brows!

And voilà! You’ve achieved the brow lamination look that dreams are made of with our Soap Brow formula. Let it dry long enough to seal in your lash style, and then go on with your day receiving an endless number of compliments. Trust us, they’re coming!


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