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4 Soap Brow Looks to Try

4 Soap Brow Looks to Try

Soap brows are a TikTok and celebrity beauty trend that is here to stay! For those unfamiliar, the soap brow is a grooming technique that is achieved using ⎯ yes ⎯ soap to shape the eyebrows and hold them in place. Brow soaping gives them a feathery, thicker appearance. While any soap containing glycerin can be used for your soap brow look, soap’s alkaline pH can irritate your skin barrier. That’s where soap brow products come in. A Soap Brow product provides all the same styling benefits as a soap but is gentler on the skin. Now that you know what products you’ll need to create your eyebrow look, you might be wondering how to do the soap brows trend at home. It couldn’t be faster or simpler. Best of all, soap brows last all day. Read on to learn about four of our favorite soap brow styles and how to achieve them using our fabulous, fool-proof Soap Brow product!


  1. Traditional Soap Brows

If you’re new to the soap bows look, starting with the classic fluffy look is the perfect style to start with. To create the full, fluffy look, run a spoolie through your soap or Soap Brow product. Then brush the brows using upward strokes to fluff and shape the brows to create that feathery, laminated look. Use the spoolie to redirect any hairs that are out of alignment and feast your eyes on your perfect eyebrows!


  1. Boy Brows

Toss your brow gel – you won’t need it for a boy brow look anymore! To create this face-framing, fluffy, androgynous, lowered arch look all you need is a Soap Brow product. Grab a color-appropriate eyebrow pencil. Move it in short strokes and draw hair-like lines filling in your brows. Next, lightly coat a spoolie in soap or your soap brow product. Use gentle short strokes and follow the filled-in brows as you brush to set the shape. You’ll love your brows so much you’ll say, “oh boy” every time you catch a glimpse of them.


  1. Skinny Brows

Skinny eyebrows are making a comeback! While soap brows are associated with brows on the bushier side, don’t count this trending technique out for styling skinny brows. If you have thinner brows, having a stray hair or two can make your entire look untamed. When styling skinny brows, apply the Soap Brow product to the spoolie as you would for the traditional, fluffy look. Use the spoolie to brush the brows outwards towards the outside of your face. This won’t create a feathered look, but it will keep the brows looking sleek and in place.


  1. Straight Brows

Let’s get one thing straight – straight brows are in! This eyebrow shape is all about more hair. They throw the typical brow arch to the wayside to draw the eyes towards the center of the face. This K-beauty (and Jenner-approved) beauty trend is becoming mainstream and is even easier to create as a soap brow. Grab your Soap Brow-coated spoolie and brush the brow hair down and across. If you want to create a thicker look, fill your brows in before brushing the brows. This look will have your face on the straight and narrow all day.



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